About Lesley

Lesley Kwiatkowski first opened the doors of her business, Dermagraphics at Lesley's, on April 2, 1999. It was the beginning of a Manitoba-made company that would become and remain a constant pioneer in the beauty industry. Dermagraphics at Lesley's is often the first to bring many innovative, state-of-the-art cosmetic technology and procedures to Manitoba and has many groundbreaking initiatives and goals in mind for the future.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 12 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sundays By appointment only

Among some of Lesley's firsts include:


Lesley was one of the first people in Manitoba to offer permanent makeup, a revolutionary method of applying micro-insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. To this day, she remains the most qualified and experienced permanent makeup artist in the province with certification to teach as well as a masters degree from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics.

Also a certified paramedical technician, Lesley can treat people dealing with alopecia (total hair loss), burns, scars (one year old or more), post-mastectomy patients, or those undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments and vitiligo variables.

Lesley has honed her skills to become one of the best permanent makeup artists in North America. Because of her renowned reputation for doing such high quality work, she regularly gets referrals from leading plastic surgeons to assist patients with facelift scarring, areola restoration, dog bites and disfiguring burns. She is a regular guest on Don Percy's radio program on CFRW 1290 a.m. where she educates the public as to why and when they may need her services. Lesley has also appeared in stories the Winnipeg Free Press, TV Guide, local magazines and more.


Lesley's was the second business in Winnipeg to offer the very popular spray-on tanning. This UV-free, spray-on tan offers healthy alternative to tanning beds. With skin cancer rates on the rise all over the world, this service remains one of the most popular services she offers. The instant tan booth gives clients a rich bronze tan in just 6 seconds and is 100% UV-Free.

With just the touch of a button clients are misted with highest quality self-tanning solution available. The instant tan delivers DHA, bronzers, nourishing moisturizers and vitamins A, E, and C to give your skin a smooth and healthy glow. Clients can look bronzed without risking sunburn, eliminating premature aging and the risk of melanoma.


Lesley was one of the first companies in Winnipeg to be qualified to offer MicroDermabrasion treatments, ahead of many local plastic surgeon clinics. MicroDermabrasion is micro controlled peeling that gently removes epidermal cells to treat a vast range of skin imperfections.

It is especially effective for skin aging, treating sun-damaged skin or acne scars. The gentle and natural peeling action triggers the skin's repair mechanism to produce healthy epidermal growth, improving skin tone and elasticity.


Lesley is also the first entrepreneur to bring LED Therapy (Light-emitting diode) to Winnipeg. LED therapy is an increasingly popular methodology for the treatment of sun damaged skin. Described as "the Cadillac treatment for skin," it uses a combination use of light wavelengths stimulate collagen synthesis and accelerate fibroblast-myofibroblast transformation may display a composite rejuvenating effect. LED can also treat rocasia, acne and acne scarring, with no thermal damage to the skin.


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