'' Words cannot express how much Lesley has changed my life and how happy I am with the results of my permanent makeup. I no longer worry about how I look. Having oily skin, my makeup often smeared and made me look like a raccoon at the end of the day. Lesley's artistic gift in beautifully applying permanent makeup has allowed me to look my best all the time. Time previously spent primping is now spent enjoying my life. Permanent makeup by Lesley is something every woman should do. I could not recommend Lesley any higher. I am also in the midst of repairing some of the damage I did to my skin when I was younger through tanning beds. MicroDermabrasion and Lam Probe treatments have taken years off my face and I am excited to see the overall results after a complete series of treatments " - Jamie S.

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Saturday 12 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sundays By appointment only

'' I was unable to wear eyeliner due to allergies and permanent makeup is the only way I can line my eyes. It has made my life easier because I now just get up out of bed and go. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone I know. " - Angela S.

'' I highly recommend permanent makeup and wish I had done it years ago. It gives me added confidence that I do not have to worry about whether my eyebrows have smeared or my eyeliner has rubbed off. Permanent makeup also provides me with one less thing to worry about in the morning getting ready for work. Where I really LOVE it is on our winter holidays. I love being able to get in and out of the pool or ocean knowing I'll still have my makeup on when I get out of the water. I did a fair amount of research prior to selecting Lesley and quite frankly after what I learned, I would not trust this procedure to anyone else. Lesley knows what she is doing, while many others in the industry do not. She is highly professional and has a vast amount of experience which made me feel very comfortable. Thanks Lesley! " - Pat B.

'' If you're a person with sensitive skin or are allergic to makeup, permanent makeup is for you. I have extremely sensitive skin as well as rosacea and love the fact that I can walk the dog in cold weather, have tears running down my face, and have no eyeliner streaks. It certainly makes my morning routine go more quickly because my face is ready to go from the moment I rise up from bed. I am really pleased and highly recommend the procedure to anyone. " - Susan Green

More testimonials to come ...


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